Out of nearly 1000 projects and nearly 1000 successfully carried out installations of central heating, air conditioning, ventilation and gas installations for residential and business premises, industrial plants, family residences, and buildings for other purposes, we would like to highlight the following:


List of Works
Building name, Investor
Building Area / capacity...

HVAC installations

Construction of heating installations - radiators /fan coils; heat substation; compressed air; production halls.

 2018 Technical Overhaul Works Kragujevac, Medna   1.000 m2

HVAC installations

Making of heating installation and compressed air installation in production halls.

 2018 Termal Inženjering/Forma Ideale, Majdanpek   1.200 m2


Makeing of mechanical installations - compressor station - compressors Ingersoll Rand 2x250 kW, 100 m3 / min; pipe distribution, tanks comp. air 20.000l + 10.000l; fridge. dryers 2x50m3 / min. Ventilation of k.station, pipeline.

2018  KRONOSPAN d.o.o., Lapovo   100.000 l/min
  Production hall and office building

Installation of mechanical installations - heating installation - gas boiler cascade 500kW, heating substation, fan coils heating; ventilation of the production hall; offices heating and cooling with fan coils, ventilation offices - recuperation ... gas installation ...

 2017  “SCGM” D.O.O., Kragujevac  4.200 m2

 - Cooling and heating of the offices H (anex) facility installed capacity 100kW;

- Cooling of technical facilities H - electrical premises, transformer stations, low voltage - Air conditioning system, ventilation channels, installed power 0,8 MW;

- Cooling of technical rooms H - room thermo oil - ventilation system, ventilation ducts;

- Cooling of kusters presses, hydraulics, presses and pre-cutter coolers, installed power of 700 kW;

- Engine cooling, hydraulic object defiator, 1,0 kW;

- Cooling of boiler elements Bersey 90 MW

 2017  SFC Kastamonu, Turkey  48.000 m2
  AdBlue storage and distribution system

AdBlue fluid storage and distribution system for the production line Fiat 500L. Overground tank 50.000l with mixers, pump station, Inox piping, PLC control systems and the like.

 2017  Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia, Kragujevac  50.000 l
  Mechanical installations - production hall phase II.

Heat exchanger panels 10x50m, gas boiler 350 kW, installation of compressed air.

 2016   Production hall phase II, P.E.I.East, Velika Plana  2000 m2
   HVAC installations for the Residential building.

Installation of heating, cooling - heat pump - geosonde - Residential building, installed power 100kW.

 2016  Residential building, Kragujevac  1500 m2
   HVAC installations of office building.

Installations for heating, cooling of new factory building, fan coil installations, gas boiler room and heating substation 2x100kW, heat pump 250W ...

 2016 Milanović Inženjering, Sobovica  2500 m2

Mechanical installations

HVAC installations

Installations for technology:

-Cooling water for presses

-Cooling for hot-oil room,electrical room ,power station 

-Installations for adhesives,mixing,sanitary water, etc.

-other installations.

-Cooling for 

 2015/2016 New  production hall in Lapovo,Srbija,KRONOSPAN Germany  10000m2

HVAC Installation

 2015  Trade center KERAMIKA JOVANOVIC  3000 m2
  Alteration of chiller substation (from active to passive cooling) in main cold water substation in FAS   2015  FAS Serbia  
  Sanitary water installation with heat pump air to water in student dormitory in Kragujevac 2015 Student centar ,Kragujevac,Serbia  
  Firefighting installation -sprinkler for presses-hall 2 2015 FAS Serbia  
  Heating installation for residential building in Episkopa Save street 9 in Kragujevac 2014 Private investor  
  Firefighting installation-sprinkler in object 7 in FAS 2014 FAS Serbia  
   Battery charging installation for charging battery for forklifts with ventilation  2014  FAS Serbia  
   Compress air installation for production hall  2014  Mechanical Diaz,Kragujevac  
   Chiller instalation in main cold water substation for Paint Shop in FAS  2014  FAS Serbia  
   HVAC & GAS Installation for production hall  2014  TSS Metal Industry  
   HVAC Installation & Gas installation  2013  Italappalti,Serbia  

 Hidraulic connection for presses:

*compress air CA

*cold water CW

*water for technology TCHW

 2013  Hall 1A,FAS,Magneti Marreli  

HVAC Installation in Office building

2013 OBI doo,Kraguujevac,Serbia  

Firefighting installation -sprinkler for warehouse in FAS

2013 FAS,Itallapalti  

HVAC Installation & Compress air & Industrial water for object 10 in FAS

2013 FAS,Itallaplti  

Installations of Heat meters on all installations in FAS 

2013 FAS Serbia  

Technical gases installation in hall 3 in BODY SHOP

2013 FAS Serbia  
Creating of complete mechanical installations FAS building 2:
-Heating HSHW - pipe networks, substations, radiant panels
-CA7 Compressed air - pipe networks, substations
-IW industrial water - pipe networks, substation
-PW drinking water - pipe networks, substations
-CW cold water - pipe networks, substation
*pipe line network 120.000kg
*radiant panels 6000m
Industrial building, Press Shop FAS Kragujevac
Creating of complete mechanical installations for presses , a total of 8 presses 2700t
-Compressed air CA7 - pipe network
-Cold water CW - pipe network
-Cooling water TCHW - pipe network
*pipe line network 14000kg
Industrial building 1A FAS Kragujevac, Company Plastic Components and Modules, JCMM
Creating of compleete mechanical installations of the substation for hot/cold water and making connecting to air handling units and chillers   2012 
Industrial building 16 FAS Kragujevac
Compress air connections   2012
Industrial building 5 FAS Kragujevac, CPM Italy
HVAC Instalations   2013
Industrial building 19 FAS Kragujevac, Italppalti
HVAC Instalations   2012  Industrial building 16 FAS Kragujevac  
HVAC Instalations – Air Handling Unit   2012
Industrial building 1A FAS Kragujevac, Karma Serbia
Sprinkler instalations for Air Handling Units 2012
Industrial building 5, FAS Kragujevac, Karma Serbia
HVAC Instalations – VRV Instalations 2011-2012
Clinical Center (main laboratory) Kragujevac
HVAC Instalations   2012
NIS Petrol, fuel pump, Kragujevac
Reconstruction of ventilation system   2012
Student Center, Kragujevac
Technical gases   2012
Industrial building 3(Body shop), FAS Kragujevac